The association of tattoos with sailors and a life at sea is a long one. And here at the Ship (see what we did there?) we love tattoos. So for no other reason we are pleased to announce Tattoosday! A weekly post of our favourite ink.

With Valentine’s Day imminent we thought we’d show you a romantic heart by the french tattooist Noon.
Altogether now……aaaaahhhh.
As you can see, Noon doesn’t work in a traditional style – his aesthetic has more in common with Cubism, animation or comic books.
He grew up in Troyes, a town with a lot of ex convicts, and from them learned to tattoo with a sewing needle and bottle of ink when he was just ten.
He still tattoos in the minimal way that you have to when you work like that – no colour, no shading – it’s all about the line.
He also happens to be a lovely guy. (And really hot too!)