A fitting finale to the festival…..…Now in its seventh year, the “What a Load of Scallops” Race is one of the pillars of the Rye Scallop Week.  It has everything – speed, thrills, intense competition, and inevitably rain. Think Grand Prix – only wetter………… and with wheelbarrows of scallops!!

After last year’s sensational performance by the Rye Runners, the Rugby Club will be looking to restore their former glory this year by reclaiming the prestigious wooden scallop. But it’s still anyone’s race, and if  you fancy your chances – you‘ll need a team of 2-4, and a pair of trainers. The general aim is to get a wheelbarrow full of scallop shells from the quayside to the pub in the quickest time possible. Sounds deceptively simple, doesn’t it?

Entry is £10 per team with all proceeds going to the local Lifeboats. Be at the Ship Inn for 10am to soak up the pre-race atmosphere, then walk the route to the starting line with the teams. Race begins at 11am sharp outside Rye Bay Fish (on the bridge on the road out of Rye to Camber). Get involved! Raise some money and raise some hell! email theo@theshipinnrye.co.uk